An important struggle in South Australia

Another story about a major fresh food supplier to Woolworths.

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Zerella is one of Woolworths' largest vegetable suppliers producing onions, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins. Today Zerella supplies Woolworths with over 250 tons of carrots every week.

Workers at Zerella have joined the union. Previously Zerella used different labour hire agencies, who paid people between $15 and $17 an hour, well below the minimum wage. Under pressure generated by Four Corners and underpayment cases lodged for workers by the NUW, the company decided to get rid of the agencies and employ everyone directly.

Now, workers want a union workplace agreement to improve wages and conditions. The company's response was aggressive and in breach of workplace laws in Australia. Many workers were pulled into meetings and told that if they remain members of the union or sign their name to say they want to bargain, they would be sacked!

The NUW has taken legal action to protect these workers. You can help too, sign the petition today!

Now workers at Zerella are getting ready to start negotiating their very first union workplace agreement!