More media exposes exploitation in supermarket supply chain

"As our car hurtles up the Murray Valley Highway, past small towns and empty pubs, the mood is tense. In the back seat is Mohammad Rowi, a quietly spoken Malaysian who has been ordered by the immigration department to leave Australia by midnight.

He is critical to today’s mission: to get a foot in the door of the underworld of illegal workers and human exploitation in Australia’s horticulture sector.

These people - misled, indebted and exploited - are picking some of the fruit that you and your family will buy from Coles, Woolworths and Costco and eat this summer..." Read more from Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker here.

Following this report the ABC's 7.30 program also broadcast more on the investigation with undercover journalist Saiful Hasam

And then another report followed the next day, which included the National Union of Workers going into another farm to begin a time and wages inspection on the Mornington Peninsular.

It is clear that 18 months after establishing Fair Food Australia, the NUW's campaign for fresh food workers must continue to build momentum to force Coles and Woolworths to clean up their supply chains.