Supermarket dominance


Sitting at the top of the retail supply chain, Coles & Woolworths dominate the fresh food industry in Australia.
坐擁量販物流的兩家龍頭Coles 與 Woolworths主宰了整個澳洲的生鮮食品市場。

In an average week, 69% of Australian shoppers buy Fruit & Veg from Coles and Woolworths. The big two retailers control somewhere between 63% and 80% of all the fresh fruit & vegetables sold in Australia.
每周平均有69%的澳洲人會到Coles 與 Woolworths購買生鮮蔬果。這兩家量販超市掌控了63%-80%之間的生鮮蔬果販售。

With such a dominant – and growing – market position, the supermarkets determine what types of fresh produce the majority of Aussies consume, where it comes from and how much they pay for it.

This hasn’t always been the case – Coles & Woolworths have fought hard to take fresh food market share off each other, and independent Fruit & Veg shops.
Supermarkets have invested heavily in overhauling their fresh produce business, spending millions on marketing their "Fresh Food" and "Coles Fresh" campaigns.
不全然如此,Coles 與Woolworths幾乎瓜分澳洲的生鮮市場,他們有自己獨立的供應系統。在做所謂生鮮食物,及coles 生鮮品牌前,它們已經做了非常完整的市調了。

Woolworths and Coles are desperate to encourage consumers to buy more fresh produce at their stores because the margins the supermarkets are able to realise selling Fresh Fruit & Vegetables are so much better than other grocery categories. Fresh food has been described by industry observers as "the profit engine of any supermarket".
Woolworths 與 Coles兩家生鮮超市,迫切希望消費者可以購買他們的生鮮產品,主因是生鮮產品的利潤比起其他的零售商品利潤要高出許多。產業觀察家曾如此說,生鮮超市主要的利潤來源,來自店內的生鮮產品。

The Supermarkets are able to make such big profits from fresh food because of big changes they have made in their sourcing practices over the past 10 years.