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Coles and Woolworths use their dominant market share to put pressure on suppliers, who pass those pressures onto their workers. Read about it here.
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With Fairfax revealing that: 80% of jobs advertised to workers on working holiday visas are far below the minimum wages 八成以上背包客在網站上看到的徵才廣告其薪資都低於最新標準 travellers and permanent residents alike cannot earn a living wage on piece rates that give them no security 不管是背包客或當地居民,在計件制的薪資制度裡,幾乎無法賺取足夠的生活費用。 workers are forced to work horrifyingly long hours... Read More
Coles faced court over 'freshly baked' scandal   #Who's responsible?
澳洲量販巨擘Coles面臨"新鮮烘焙"的醜聞 In 2013, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission began federal court proceedings against Coles, alleging "false, misleading and deceptive conduct" because their "freshly baked in-store" bread was actually partially baked somewhere else. 2013年,澳洲消費者委員會在聯邦法院提起訴訟,控訴Coles以欺騙消費者的廣告宣傳方式,讓消費者誤以為其麵包是在店內新鮮烘焙,但實際上其新鮮烘焙實則是請其他廠商代工。 Read the full story at the Guardian. 預知詳情請點閱衛報新聞連結... Read More