What's the problem?


Workers employed on farms and in factories producing Australia’s fresh produce are working long, unfair and unsafe hours for very low pay


Many are paid less than the Award, which is the minimum pay and conditions by law in Australia, and are not receiving superannuation or penalty rates. Many are being forced to use accommodation and transport provided by their employer at exorbitant prices. Sexual harassment, bullying and abuse are rampant in the industry. Many workers are suffering repetitive strain and other injuries, due to excessively fast pace of work, and a lack of training and rotation.



infographic about worker exploitation

All of these factors have created an industry built on exploitation


Australian communities cannot feel confident that the fresh food sold in their major supermarkets is produced ethically because workers in the industry are not earning a living wage and many are suffering serious labour rights abuses.


Fresh food workers win right to bargain!  
NUW members have had another victory in the supermarket supply-chain, forcing Costa - Australia's biggest horticultural producer - to the bargaining table. NUW工會會員在生鮮超市產銷又有更新的突破,逼迫Costa 公司,澳洲最大的農業產銷大廠回到談判桌上。 Read more here: Historic win for low-paid farm workers at supermarket supplier 閱讀更多相關新聞請點閱 The horticultural industry is known for its low wages and tough... Read More
NUW visits Vanuatu National Workers Union  
NUW拜訪萬那杜當地全國工人工會 Many workers from Vanuatu and other Pacific Island nations work in the fresh food supply chain in Australia, bringing fruit and vegetables to our supermarket shelves. 許多萬那杜地區的島民,近幾年開始到澳洲從事季節工的工作。而這些移工大多是到生鮮食品供應及農場工作。 Recently the NUW attended a union conference in Vanuatu held by the VNWU. The NUW is the union in Australia... Read More
Victory for Coles' cold store workers  
Coles 冷凍倉儲工人的勝利 NUW members at Polar Fresh, Coles' cold storage warehouse, voted up their new workplace agreement after striking for three days. NUW工會在polar Fresh的Coles冷凍倉儲工人,在三天的罷工之後,終於與雇主在談判會議桌上取得初步的勝利。 They won: 120 new secure jobs - 50 permanent full time & 70 labour hire agency workers converted to direct employment - with ongoing... Read More
Workers unite to bargain first agreement!  
工人集結挑戰第一次的議價協議 Workers at Coolibah Herbs have just started negotiating their very first union workplace agreement. This means that workers will be able to bargain for fair wage increases, secure jobs, and family friendly rosters! Coolibah香草農場的工人,近日來正在研擬他們第一次的議價協議。這意味著,工人可以有更好的薪資、更有保障的工作,以及更好的工作班表。 After workers at the site joined the union, they organised... Read More
An important struggle in South Australia  
Another story about a major fresh food supplier to Woolworths. [Read more in this Fairfax exclusive] (http://www.smh.com.au/national/investigations/workers-at-woolworths-supplier-paid-a-pittance-threatened-20160304-gnaft8.html) 另一個woolworths 生鮮食品主要供應商的故事 Zerella is one of Woolworths' largest vegetable suppliers producing onions, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins. Today Zerella supplies Woolworths with over 250 tons of... Read More
Sunna Ulla's story producing Australia's fresh food Sunna Ulla  
I came to Australia on the 29 September 2013. 我在2013年的9月29日踏上澳洲的土地 I am from Pakistan. Prior to coming to Australia I spent four years at the University of Engineering and Technology in Beshawar. Once I had finished my study I spent nine years working as an engineer. 我來自巴基斯坦,在來澳洲之我除了取得Beshawar大學的工程科系學位外,在工程業界也有九年的工作經驗。 The... Read More
Recent media coverage  
With Fairfax revealing that: 80% of jobs advertised to workers on working holiday visas are far below the minimum wages 八成以上背包客在網站上看到的徵才廣告其薪資都低於最新標準 travellers and permanent residents alike cannot earn a living wage on piece rates that give them no security 不管是背包客或當地居民,在計件制的薪資制度裡,幾乎無法賺取足夠的生活費用。 workers are forced to work horrifyingly long hours... Read More